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Events can be varied

G8 Northern Ireland

G8 Northern Ireland

This one was a pretty complex event. Seemed to go quite well on the day.  Only a stray cow got through the security barriers.

I did get to learn a lot about bullet proof glass and that care needs to be taken when installing new telephony across a lake that is full of 2nd World War incendiary devices. Also never trust secret service. I came back to my hotel room at night to find a massive hole in ceiling where a policeman had fallen through and he hadn’t even cleaned away the plaster board.

Theatre is a good grounding for events

This picture shows the rustiest scenic trailer in the world. Unusually, my 2CV was in pretty good shape!

The Nutcracker

House Tabs on model that David Walker made.

Darkness Becomes Your Friend

Night time is popular too

X-Box launch Leicester Square.
The largest event ever done in that space.

Angelico Serums

Angelico Serums

Angelico is a fabulous range of wonderful Organic and Vegan products. Angelico Serums are made from beautiful, natural plant oils. A real gift from nature providing everything your skin needs to keep it in perfect condition.

Naturally they are ours and you can peruse and buy them here at www.angelico.london

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Have to be honest. I do a lot of things. Event Management, Property development, Beauty and skincare development and creation of brands, Web design and some cooking with the odd cocktail or two thrown in as well.



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